The Drainage 


A Lengthy history of failures and constructions and works of great cost.


Despite the recognition and acknowledgement of the ecological and cultural value;  the  irrational  enthusiasm of draining  the wetlands by the Development  Policy of the government of those times, also involved La Janda.  After three successive  frustrated attempts, which began in XIX Centaury, in the decade of 60 of XX Century, it finally was achieved  and the total area of the Laguna (lagoon) was put into agriculture use. 

After the procedure of the demarcation, (as all wetlands were, and still are of Public Domain), in November of 1946, due a Decree from the head of our Government ( General F: Franco) the concession was allotted to the firm ‘Marismas del Barbate S.A.’ for the period of 99 years.  This concession later was transferred by  a Ministerial Law in 1945 to the firm, Colonias Agricolas S.A. Therefore this  concession will automatically expire in November 2045, this would happen if they don’t or  can’t  justify legal  reasons  why  they should not return this land to its original status.

Although the firm that the concession was given to, did some more  work of the canals and the drainage tunnel  for the Laguna, this was not achieved or completed till 1967, until  the State (Spanish Government)  intervene and financed most of the work for the damns  of the rivers,  Almodovar, Celemin and Barbate to be constructed.

Despite this and the all works carried out for the enlargement of the subterranean tunnels for the drainage towards the River Barbate, the wetlands still reappears. Some years when there are heavy rain falls, the Laguna gets flooded for a few days and one can see the wonderful site of the its glorious past and the evidence for its viability for  its recuperation, even, if it just a part of it.  But only if the willingness exist to do so.