About Us 

“Laguna of La Janda Friends Association” is a non-governmental organization. It was formed as a legal entity on 25th May 1994 by a group of residents who lived either in or close to the Laguna and who were privileged to have known this exceptional wetland before it was defiantly drained for agricultural usage at the end of the 1960s.


The Association was formed in order to achieve: the partial restoration of a representative part of the ancient lake, in compliance with relevant ecological criteria; the conservation and preservation of its flora, fauna and habitats; and the declaration of La Janda as a special Protected Natural Habitat, and the promotion of its ecological value and its historical and cultural heritage.


Since it was founded over 20 years ago, the Association has undertaken an international campaign to declare La Janda a “Special Area for the Protection for Birds” (SPA), and has been involved in a number of bird censuses and studies of migration across the Strait of Gibraltar. The Association has participated in numerous conferences, workshops, articles, talks, TV interviews and programmes, and published many press articles, as a means of communicating the importance of the wetland for the conservation of bird populations, and for the preservation of the ecology of the surrounding countryside and mountains. It has also taken part in numerous negotiations and meetings with the public administrations, and with some of the current owners of land in the former wetland, with a view to seeking their support for the Association’s main objective: to restore and maintain the ancient and magnificent wetland of La Janda. 



President: Mª. Cristina Parkes

Vicepresident: Irina Larios Fernández de Córdoba

Secretary: José Manuel López Vázquez

Treasury: Clemente Garay Zabala

Other Members:

Milagros López Delicado

John Irwin

Javier Elorriaga Navarro

Eduardo Saenz de Varona

Ornitour S.L.

Eugenia Pérez Caro



Andy Paterson

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